Case Study 3

We undertook the relocation of assets and furniture for The Portman Family Centre (PFC) that were situated over 2 floors located at:

4 Lilestone, Street, Westminster, London, NW8 8SU

All assets were to be relocated to their new premises at:

12-18 Salisbury Street, Westminster, London, NW8 8DE.
Pre- Move Planning – 2 Days (Dates to be agreed)

We undertook a series of pre-move meetings attended by our dedicated Project Manager, along with PFC project leads to discuss individual departmental requirements.

The provision of move instructions for PFC staff were discussed and agreed and a clear strategy for the labelling of all items was determined.

Move instructions will included:

· Dates for the provision of 150 x E1 crates / 20 x IT Crates

· Packing instructions

· Contact details for our Project Manager and Team Leaders

· Relocation Dates

Our Project Manager advised that all items should be labelled to clearly define their new location within 12-18 Salisbury Street.

This included individual items such as playground items, garage contents and

packed / boxed items.

The move plan was developed to allow specific areas within 4 Lilestone Street to be packed and relocated in sequence in order that each asset was easily identifiable and correctly repositioned within its new receiving area.

Our Project Manager also agreed and provided.

· Details of our programmed schedule of attendances

· Times of attendance

· Volume of resources expected each day.

· Key Performance indicators

· Delivery of 150 x E1 Crates / 20 x IT Crates, Packing Boxes and Labels

(12 Colours)

Once an internal departmental move team had been established, our dedicated Move Manager, (Andy Parker) briefed all relevant stakeholders on the roles and responsibilities that each member of the team had, to enable a successful relocation process.

He outlined specifics such as details of safe working routes, points of access and egress, muster points, onsite Health and Safety regulations, and the provision of warning signs. Our escalation of problems process was also provided and confirmed at this time.

All key information was clearly communicated with PFC stakeholder’s and our personnel.

On completion of the pre-move meetings, all action dates were confirmed with our operations department, led by David Matthews, and PFC leaders, and the resources required for this project were booked in. The area for loading outside of 4 Lilestone Street was identified as a double yellow line and pay by phone location.

Our Project Manager pre-arranged parking dispensations with Westminster parking services where required, which allowed us to position our vehicles as near to the building as possible. We also placed warnings signs to protect and inform members of the public whilst we were completing all elements of the project.

Pre- Move Packing and Fitting Works (5 Days)

2nd to 6th August 2021

We provided a team of 1 x Supervisor, 4 x Porter / Packers and 1 x Fitter who attended

4 Lilestone, Street, Westminster, London, NW8 8SU over a 5 Day Period, to prepare all assets for relocation.

Using the agreed labelling system our team undertook the packing of items within classrooms, office spaces and outside areas ensuring that clear instructions as to where the items were to be delivered to were recorded.

Where items needed to be packed, these were carefully removed from their existing locations and placed securely into packing crates. At this stage, our team leader immediately reported any identified damage to PFC members of staff so that this could be noted and recorded.

Packed crates were stored within designated storage areas and stacked no more than 4-high. 100 x PK2, 100 x IT Boxes and 20 x IT Crates were also utilised to ensure everything was securely, packed, protected, and labelled. Our fitters removed and protected whiteboards, noticeboards, tapestries, and pictures in preparation for relocation. Identified racking was also dismantled and prepared for relocation. Over the course of 5 Days, all assets were prepared for transportation to Salisbury Street.

Relocation of Assets (5 Days)

9th to 13th August 2021

We provided a team of 2 x 7.5 Ton Vehicles, 2 x Drivers, 2 x Supervisors,

6 x Porter / Packers and 1 x Fitter who will attended 4 Lilestone, Street, Westminster, London, NW8 8SU over a 5 Day Period to undertake the relocation of all assets.

Our Move Manager was onsite and continually available throughout this 5-day period to act as the first point of contact should any issues have arisen and undertook daily briefings with our operatives to highlight any changes to the programmed schedule.

This attendance also allowed key PFC stakeholders to be able to raise any concerns or questions directly with him as the project progressed.

Over the duration of 5 weekday attendances, we undertook the relocation of:

Black bags, wooden play kitchen (4), clothing, plastic tubs, laundry, plastic sheeting,

rugs, bins, arts and crafts materials, kitchen equipment, baby changing cabinet, small playhouse, gerbil cage, children’s toys, wall mounted project, wall clocks, water play table, projector screen, seating cushions, wall mounted fan, coffee machine, water cooler, tea urn, archive boxes, houseplants, tapestries (6), folding table (4), pictures, bunting, small safe, elephant’s foot, mat cutter, laminator, fan, pedestals (5), wall mounted screens / whiteboards

Our crew followed pre-determined access and egress routes to allow for safe working protocols to be followed and protective materials for exit routes was provided.

We proposed to a dual crew attendance throughout the course of this project to ensure that each asset was clearly identified and safely transported from and to each location.

Our Move Manager ensured that our resources were utilised proactively to maximise the number of assets relocated by each vehicle on each load and that any empty crates were actively collated and returned to our facility at the earliest opportunity.

Post- Move Un-packing and Fitting Works (4 Days)

16th to 19th August 2021

Once all assets had been relocated to 12-18 Salisbury Street, we provided an unpacking team consisting of 1 x Supervisor, 2 x Fitters and 4 x Porter / Packers who unpacked and unboxed each item and placed it within its final designated location.

Each crate was unsealed, and the contents placed into cabinets and cupboards identified by onsite PFC personnel. Boxes were unpacked, and contents placed to precise locations as directed. Our fitters re-assembled racking and reinstated whiteboards, noticeboards and pictures as required. Empty crates, packing boxes and materials were removed to a designated holding area.

Upon final completion of the project, our Project Manager engaged with PFC personnel to review the move and confirm that all works had been completed satisfactorily.

Protective materials such as hardboard protection was removed upon project completion. Our Move Manager undertook a final inspection of both buildings to ensure that all relevant crates and furniture had been relocated in conjunction with designated PFC stakeholders. We arranged for any remaining crates to be removed from the site as per pre-agreed schedules. Milestones and deadlines were achieved by implementing clear communication lines between our Project Manager, PFC personnel and our operatives, both onsite and office based.

Relocation of Midwives Area (1Day)

2nd September 2021

We attended 4 Lilestone Street and provided 1 x Luton Van, 1 x Driver and

1 x Supervisor to undertake the relocation of identified assets to 12-18 Salisbury Street. Items were boxed and protected during a 1-day attendance and safely transported.

Items were unpacked and placed as directed.

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