IT Moves and Changes

Whether you are moving one PC or a complex network of a thousand, business continuity is crucial.

It is essential that you have a carefully considered relocation schedule and IT move checklist in place which allows for each individual item to be decommissioned, relocated and recommissioned on time.

Computer moves made easy
Before moving your office networks, you will benefit from a detailed pre-move audit where we will consider the network and application configuration of every PC, along with its related operating systems and software. Our team of moving IT systems experts will ensure your network is replicated precisely upon recommission, and we always aim to achieve this with zero downtime.

Regardless of how many desktop environments are included, we can reproduce every one individually. This includes all the details, such as left or right-hand position of the mouse, or screen positioning for trading desks. We will recommission each desktop as agreed, in accordance with the relocation map for your new location, and within agreed timescales. You will also receive a full and comprehensive IT audit trail record for each user.


We offer one of the UK’s most comprehensive computer relocation and installation services.

EDIT is the Information Technology division of EDE’s, providing full IT relocation services for our clients, including a comprehensive computer de-commissioning and re-commissioning service.

The service includes the moving of Servers, Workstations, Monitors, and all associated items.

De-commissioning begins the process with our EDIT Engineers creating a full audit trail to make sure all configurations are retained, and our experienced professionals will then prepare and protect your kit so that all equipment and peripherals are packaged together.

Transportation of IT

Transportation of IT is always made in our air-ride lorries to guarantee that everything arrives safely.

Once the equipment has been relocated to its new location, it will then be distributed to the correct workstation, where it will be unwrapped and re-commissioned by the EDIT team with testing undertaken to ensure connectivity to your new location network.

Our dedicated security-approved project managers will liaise closely throughout each project with your IT and facilities representatives, making certain that nothing is overlooked at the planning stage and that all your business-critical schedules are understood and achieved.