Office Furniture Donation

Charitable donations

Most of our clients have a need to at some time or other to recycle used furniture, and our ethos is that this should be a last resort, if alternative solutions cannot be found.

For many years we have managed a variety of office furniture donation including desks, chairs, tables, sofas, and cabinets to worthwhile causes.

As an example, one of our most recent projects enabled the donation 1250 items of redundant office furniture to a local college and many smaller items to The British Heart Foundation.

We work closely with numerous charitable agencies including:

BHF (British Heart Foundation) Emmaus, Sue Ryder, Age UK, Mind, Oxfam & Cancer UK, and other social enterprise organisations to find new homes for your unwanted assets.

In addition to us proactively advertising available stock to our charitable partners, remanufacturers, and buyers, we can, if required, undertake online advertising campaigns, utilising social media in order to contact social groups and organisations that could ultimately benefit them directly whilst adding social value to your company’s profile.