Business Storage Options

If you are looking to store excess furniture until it is needed or require a hub for distribution, we have the capacity to accommodate your requirements.

Lockable dedicated storage units

We can provide a wide variety of dedicated storage units within our storage facilities.

Any size of area can be provided and adapted to suit your specific requirements.

Our storage areas are secure, clean, waterproofed, and equipped with fire detection systems, remote monitoring, and intruder alarms.

Each item delivered into store, by third parties or during relocation / clearance works is logged via our storage management software, ensuring full auditability, and real time tracking of every asset that we manage, and we can also accommodate site visits which will allow you to access, view, and asses your stored items at any time.

Racking Storage 

Our racking storage solution allows our customers to maximise the capacity of their storage areas by allowing smaller items such as boxed spare parts and stock to be made more accessible.

Racking can be installed into any of our Lockable Storage Units or Open Space Storage.

A range of widths, heights, and capacities can be expertly provided to match your exact requirements and each bay of racking is allocated with a unique location to allow for precise identification when retrievals are required.

Common uses for our racking storage solution include:

  • Printed matter fulfilment
  • Furniture parts and stock control
  • Tote / bin storage
Pallet Storage

We provide palletised storage options for high and low volumes of stock.

The solution can be scaled up to meet any project variation or seasonal demand.

We provide fulfilment services to a range of clients, by receiving pick lists, preparing their stock, and ultimately delivering it. We also provide safe areas for our customers when they wish to attend our storage facilities to assess and manage their stock levels. As with all our solutions, pallets are tracked from collection point or delivery to our facility and all items are audited and logged.

We can also accommodate third party collections with client consent and all activities are logged via collection notes and our stock management controls.

These storage spaces can be a highly cost-effective strategy for minimising customer overheads by providing essential additional facilities to free up critical onsite business space.

Containerised Storage

This option allows for the secure storage of items in the short or long term.

A full inventory of the packed items is taken and uploaded onto our web portal.

Our 250 cubic ft containers are then sealed with a unique numerical tag, thereby offering peace of mind that the items stored within are always held together and uniformly retrievable. The recording of the precise contents of each container allows for easier recognition should individual items require recovery. We can provide a range of sizes of containerised storage to suit any requirement.

Archive Box Storage

We provide a bespoke system that allows us to store and track individual archive boxes.

We partner with DeepStore who are one of the largest Records Management companies in the UK.

A central London base will allow us to meet your collection and delivery requirements and by utilising O’Neil Document Management Software we can assure a proactive/ reactive service. Each archive box or file will be allocated a unique barcode and will be scanned into a designated location. The O’Neil software provides data capture for all records such as alternate codes and references and we can generate reports that include all delivery / collection activities and required review dates. This system offers real time tracking throughout the lifecycle of each box or file.

Emergency requests for box / file retrievals are available to mitigate any risk to your business.

Furniture spares

We can accommodate the storage of furniture spares and associated components.

Having a stock of accessible furniture parts is critical where HSE concerns require immediate action to negate business risks or when onsite servicing and repair works are critical

Whenever furniture spare parts are delivered directly to our facilities, we ensure that they are securely stored and accurately recorded to allow for immediate retrieval.