Confidential Shredding

Confidential Shredding for Business

From Private Records, Personal Data, Commercial Contracts or Bank Statements, your business generates and handles highly confidential documents every day.

If you are relocating your business and want to take the opportunity to reduce your data, or if you simply need to dispose of confidential documents at the end of a project, we provide a secure shredding service that you can trust and will ensure that you comply with all data privacy and protection regulations.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that your business must be even more cautious when you collect, store and handle personal information.

In the wrong hands, confidential data could be misused in ways that may include identity theft or financial gain. As a member of the British Security Industry Association, our processes comply with BS EN 15713 accreditation, and we are accredited to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001.

Option One – Secure Offsite Business Shredding

Lockable confidential waste bins or sealable waste sacks will be provided to your premises. These containers can either be filled by your staff and securely sealed prior to collection, or alternatively, our operatives can attend site to fill these containers for you as part of an agreed program of works. In each scenario, numerical seals will be used to reference the quantity of confidential waste collected from each site.

Once filled, the waste bins / sacks will be collected by our operatives and delivered directly to one of our confidential waste facilities where they will be shredded.

Once the materials have been destroyed a certificate of destruction will be issued detailing the site(s) collected from, volumes collected and corresponding security seal information.

Option Two – Onsite Mobile Business Shredding

A mobile shredding unit can be scheduled to visit your premises.

The destruction process can therefore be witnessed by an appointed representative whilst being undertaken by our operatives. Our on-site shredding machines can shred around 3,000kg of paper per hour and once all the material has been destroyed a certificate of destruction showing the weight and details of the collection will be provided.

All shredded waste would then compacted into the rear compartment of the vehicle, locked and transported to our depot, where it will be baled and collected for recycling.

We have access to a network of confidential waste facilities which allows us to accommodate bulk collections wherever and whenever they may be required and whether you’re a small business or a national chain, we can tailor our confidential shredding service to keep you and your customers’ data safe and secure.