The easy answer to this is, as soon as possible.

If you are in the early stages of deciding to relocate your business to new premises, looking to relocate internally or simply need your existing space reconfigured, there is no better time to contact us than now.

We have over 150 years’ experience in understanding the challenges that face businesses through the exciting times of relocation.

We will guide you through every stage of the planning process, be with you throughout your move process and provide resources and expertise that will meet and exceed your expectations. Even if your precise requirements are not fully known and your move dates are yet to be confirmed, our wealth of experience and knowledge, given at the earliest opportunity, will help you to establish, plan and prepare.

Of course, when you plan to relocate your business, then inevitably you will be worrying how to best manage the move. That is where we come in.

From initial consultation through to completion, our project and move managers will be on hand to take the stress away and provide concise summary to your key stakeholders, ensuring that your relocation is delivered on time, in budget and most importantly, causes you minimal business down-time. We believe that the foundation of all our business relationships is based on trust, achieved through open and honest dialogue, and we have completed tens of thousands of relocation projects ranging in size from single staff relocations to complete building relocations and office clearances.

Our experienced project and move managers recognise that relocating your business can be seem a daunting prospect and that the key to successfully delivery will be achieved by fully understanding and managing every element of your move from the outset. Through meticulous planning and communication, we will be with you, assigning the correct volumes of experienced resources and services to meet your agreed timeframes and project scope.

We can arrange insurance cover for all your items whilst in our care. Just ask us for a quote.

Absolutely, our experience allows for our resources to be deployed to meet any scenario whether this be weekend, evening, or overnight attendances.

We provide proactive and reactive services for our clients regardless of the size, location, timing, or complexity of the works to be undertaken.

We also respond quickly and effectively to any onsite variations at short notice for reactive works. We ensure that our offices are contactable throughout the course of every project and guarantee that our team leaders are always available.

We provide heavy duty crates that are dual lidded and secured with numerical seals to ensure protection once they are packed and ready to be transported to their new locations.

Once the crates are packed, they are either delivered directly to their new internal location or taken to an agreed holding area until they are ready to be loaded onto one of our vehicles. At no time are the crates left unsupervised and if required, during transit, we allow a member of your team to travel with the delivery to ensure the integrity of the crate contents. Unpacking of filing will be done under the supervision of your team members or by agreement the crates will be left secured, at their new destinations for your team members to undertake the unpacking process.

We provide space planning surveys that provide detailed information into how you are currently using your business space and offer insights into how you could use it more effectively, bring harmony to your workplace and ultimately, save you money. Our team will work closely with you to understand your priorities, determine advantageous changes, and provide a solution that will benefit both your business and your employees.

A full audit of everything that needs to be relocated will be undertaken by our move management team and clear, concise labelling will be undertaken to ensure that every accountable item has been labelled correctly.

We provide 12 different coloured labels that can be assigned to departments, teams, floors or individuals and the details captured on them will include the building, floor, room number and staff name as a minimum. For internal moves, frequent checks will be made to make sure that the area to be vacated has been cleared of all the items to be relocated. For external moves, a check list will be provided, detailing the audit of items to be relocated. This check list will allow our move managers, supervisors, and your team leaders to walk through the areas to be vacated and provide clarity that every individual item has been accounted for and recovered.

We offer one of the UK’s most comprehensive computer relocation and installation services. The service includes the relocation Servers, Workstations, Monitors, Audio Visual equipment, and all associated items. EDIT is the Information Technology division of EDE’s, providing a full IT relocation service for our clients, including a comprehensive computer de-commissioning and re-commissioning service. Specific data such as desk layouts and IT configurations can also be captured to allow business as usual as soon as possible following the relocation process.

Yes, although disposing of unwanted or unneeded IT equipment can be more challenging than it sounds. It is vital that any data previously stored on your device is wiped during the disposal / recycle process and in accordance with environmental regulations.

We offer a service to have IT equipment cleansed of data before being made available for recycling, reuse, or resale, and any associated WEEE waste will also be recycled in the most environmentally friendly way. 

As with anything, this will be determined by many factors, for example: the volume of items that we need to move, the number of assets that need to be de-commissioned / recommissioned, how many items will require removal for recycling, how many crates will be required for the move and how many staff are relocating.

We offer a free consultation to all our customers, old and new, and will provide a comprehensive quotation which will outline each element and phase of works, ultimately allowing us the opportunity to provide you with the highest quality, proactive, environmentally focussed, sustainable, and cost-effective service possible.

Following your initial consultation, we will arrange for one of our move managers to visit your offices to establish the full scope of the work to be undertaken.

A quotation outlining the number of resources, vehicles, materials, crates, and the days / dates of our attendance will be summarised and provided.

There will be no hidden extras, ensuring that your project is delivered on budget and in line with your required timelines.

We recognise that moving furniture from building to building or even internally can potentially lead to damage occurring to building environments.

Our policy is to safeguard at the earliest opportunity. Walkways and agreed access / exit points will be fitted with hardboard to protect carpets and flooring, walls will be protected with corrugated sheeting, wall corners covered to allow for safe transportation and when required, stairway protection to handrails, walls and steps will be installed.

We always protect lift interiors prior to the commencement of works and ensure that any existing damage is reported. It is our belief that every space we work in should be treated as we would our own and left in the same condition as before we arrived.

Our initial surveys will determine the exact quantity and type of protective materials that will be needed, and these will be provided, secured, and eventually removed by our experienced and conscientious employees.

We provide carefully sourced office furniture to organisations of all shapes and sizes. Our team of furniture specialists have an in-depth knowledge of the furniture industry and are on hand to provide you with the latest innovations, specifications, and technical developments. We will work with you to establish your specific needs, both in terms of design and budget, and will deliver the very best furniture package to suit your needs.

Yes, we offer a wide range of managed warehouse storage options.

From open space stores, dedicated units, racking storage, pallet store and archive storage we have you covered. If you are looking to store excess furniture until it is needed or require a hub for distribution, we have the capacity to accommodate your requirements.

Our storage facilities are clean, and secure, equipped with advanced motion detection alarms and have modern fire-detection technology installed.

24/7 CCTV and security patrols provide the highest levels of security, allowing you the peace of mind that your possessions are safe and protected.

We currently provide over 250,000sq ft of dedicated storage and have the potential to increase this exponentially as and when required. We store new and used office furniture, company assets, stock material, IT equipment and archive material and can accommodate customer access visits both in and out of hours.

We also offer specialist consultancy on storage and call-off requirements for relocation projects where furniture needs to be stored to support upcoming relocation works.

Each of our storage options are supported by our bespoke online web portal which allows identified personnel to access the information held within our storage database and raise requests relating to the current stock levels of furniture and assets held in store. 

We provide detailed reports on the quantity of stock available, storage location, job references and specific details such as the colour, dimensions, date received into store and from which source. These reports can be tailored to suit any parameter and can also help you determine which furniture should be made available for re-use, recycling, or refurbishment.

Our long history and experience enable us to guarantee that you will be afforded the most flexible, reactive, and proactive levels of service and we know that the best laid plans sometimes need changing. We take great pride in assuring our customers that no matter what scenario occurs, we can respond, allowing them the peace of mind that their project will be successfully completed.

We provide a wide range of protective packing materials that can be used to safeguard your items through their relocation journey. Robust packing boxes, anti-static bubble bags,

Three ply archive boxes, eco-friendly tape, padded cages, and tailor-made packing crates can be provided to ensure that every item is absolutely protected and always safeguarded.

We believe that single use packing materials should be avoided and therefore we always provide only the best quality, multi-use, and sustainably sourced materials.

Many of our clients have a need to at some time or other to recycle their redundant furniture, and our ethos is that this should be a last resort, if alternative solutions cannot be found.

In the first instance, we can explore the possibility of donating your unwanted furniture items including desks, chairs, tables, sofas, and cabinets to worthwhile causes such as

BHF (British Heart Foundation) Emmaus, Sue Ryder, Age UK, Mind, Oxfam & Cancer UK, and other social enterprise organisations. In addition to us proactively advertising available stock to our charitable partners, remanufacturers, and buyers, we can also undertake online advertising campaigns, utilising social media to engage with organisations that could not only benefit directly but also add social value to your company’s profile. Alternatively, we can explore the possibility of your furniture being re-purposed / up cycled, which allows for tired items to be revived and find new avenues of use.

Recycling of furniture is always a last resort, although our robust methods allow that all component parts are broken down, separated and re-used, thereby giving you the peace of mind that passing on your unwanted assets have benefitted the wider community and have also produced zero environmental impact.

That’s easy, because we completely understand that one of the most daunting tasks facing any organisation is to relocate its staff and its office equipment.

Our philosophy is simple ‘keep business moving’ and with this approach we consistently surpass our clients’ high expectations through our proven ability to accomplish any task, while delivering the best business relocation and support services. Our reputation in commercial relocation, storage and IT services means you will be engaging with a market leader who will complete your move efficiently, professionally and with minimal disruption to your business. Our clients know that our expertise in effective planning, communication, and management services, creates the right conditions for a stress-free move, delivered on budget, on time and to award winning quality standards.