Cable Management

Loose and disordered cables under desks and workstations can be annoying, unsightly, and most importantly, dangerous.

Not only do they make your office environment look dishevelled, but the risk of injury befalling your employees should not be underestimated.

In many instances cabling has become entangled when additional AV or IT equipment has been added to the workstation desktop and over time, chargers, leads, and wires become lost within a tangle of cabling that either hangs hazardously from over loaded cable trays and power supply units or has simply been left overlooked and unsecured.

We provide a service to rectify this problem. Our experienced IT and AV Engineers can assess your current workspace and provide solutions to control your desktop and workstation cabling issues.

Whether or not desk trays are in place, we can tidy the existing cabling, removing excess chargers, plugs and wires that have accumulated and are now redundant.

We ensure that every cable is safely housed and secured, thereby removing the possibility that your staff or visitors to your workspace come into direct contact with loose wires that could enable a trip or fall.

We also ensure that all desk to floor cabling is positioned safely and away from natural seating areas by supplying cable spines, cable trunking and Velcro tapes that enhance the tidiness of your workspaces and minimise business risk.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements.