Office Furniture Re-use

We believe that recycling used furniture should be a last option approach. Furniture can in many instances be repaired, remodeled, repurposed and reused, negating the cost for replacement, and ultimately helping to lessen overall environmental impact and your environmental footprint.

Our furniture clearance in London and remodelling service is supported by an in-house team of fully qualified furniture engineers whose experience allows us to seek innovative ways to extend the lifetime of assets that would otherwise require recycling.

We will attend your premises to scope the volume and condition of assets that could be re-used and, in many instances, undertake onsite repairs to allow for continued use.

Our reused office furniture expertise allows us to undertake:

Desk and Table Refurbishments

Desks, meeting tables, boardroom tables and coffee tables, can be resized and remodeled to enhance their appearance and longevity by utilising an innovative and proprietary range of techniques.

Desk Edgings and finishes

We supply a range of desk edgings from laminate to solid wood, either to match the specific board type or as a contrast, offering a London furniture repair alternative rather than complete desktop replacement.

Desk screen recovering

We supply a service to refresh, repair and resize screen fabric within office environments. We understand that the re-use of office screens that are showing signs of age and wear or simply require updating to suit the latest look of an office environment can supply a simple and cost-effective used furniture solution in London whilst minimising environmental impacts.

Break out booth remodeling

Breakout furniture by its very nature has a high volume of use, often being constantly occupied by multiple staff members and teams throughout the working day. We buy used furniture,  refresh, repair and if required, reupholster these items for reuse.


Our fabric team, led by expert upholsterers allows us to refresh many styles of desk chairs, meeting chairs, soft furniture, booths, and screens. Small tears to fabric or cosmetic realignment works may be able to be completed onsite. Where larger items such as break out furniture must be reupholstered or fabric refreshed, we will arrange for the removal of these units to our furniture removals workshop where they can be completely reupholstered with new fabric.

Tambour and Cabinet repairs

Our restoration team have refurbished and repaired many sizes and styles of tambours, including repairing jammed and off-rail doors, replacing locks and shelving units.

Replace chair arms and wheels

In many instances, chairs only require replacement arms and wheels to return them back to usable functionality. We provide a service to repair these chairs onsite for our customers, by sourcing arms to match the required style and model and supplying replacement castors directly to site, thereby avoiding the need for, and cost of, removal and return.

It is our belief that the reuse of furniture whenever possible is not only cost effective, but also an ethically minded and environmentally friendly alternative to furniture recycling.