Space Planning

We provide space planning interior design surveys that afford detailed information into how you are currently using your business space and offer insights into how you could use it more effectively by adopting agile workplace design, bring harmony to your workplace and ultimately, save you money.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred in March 2020, the way we work and live has changed dramatically and businesses have recognised that office space optimisation is an important consideration, not only for their organisation by ensuring that their space is being used to its full potential, but also to safeguard the welfare and comfort of their employees.

Remote working has allowed companies the opportunity to change their approach in office space planning and adopt strategies’ such as desk sharing and hot desking processes, and in turn led them to reconsider the functionality of the space they occupy.

Although there is no single way to measure the effective space utilisation of your business, there are many metrics that we can use to determine this.

It should be remembered that space occupancy and space utilisation are not the same thing. Low occupancy demonstrates underutilised space and low utilisation represents inefficient use of space. Achieving high occupancy with high utilisation should be the goal for your business and with our agile office space design services in London, we can consider factors such as:


Understanding when your premises are being utilised to their maximum potential is an important consideration. For example, meeting rooms may be used more often early in the working day and sit empty at other times. Determining patterns of occupancy can allow businesses to consider how these spaces could be better used.


Establishing where your employees are more likely to be undertaking their work at any given time is key to establishing a harmonious working environment. Data may show that quiet areas are more utilised as this provides zones where employees are less distracted from the hustle and bustle of a busy office. In addition, large conference rooms that are seldom used could be redesigned to allow for addition quiet zones, breakout, or welfare areas.


Knowing which employees are using your business space at any given time can determine strategies to improve your space utilisation. It may be the case that certain departments frequently use meeting areas whilst others do not. The data we provide can help to change floor layouts, optimise occupation, and free up additional space.

Our team of office space interior designers in London will work closely with you to understand your priorities, determine advantageous changes and provide a solution that will benefit both your business and your employees