Data Destruction

Data destruction is the process of erasing or otherwise destroying data stored on virtual/electronic or physical mediums such as, but not limited to, printed copies, tapes and hard disks in order to completely render data irretrievable and inaccessible.

We provide a range of Data Destruction processes to ensure that your business remains compliant when disposing of your retired or legacy IT Assets.

We guarantee 100% data information security for your business while conforming with

UK Government NCSC and CPNI standards.

Certificated proof of destruction for every hard drive or data bearing asset, will ensure that your business remains compliant and secure.


Our robust service safeguards that all sensitive data is destroyed, adheres to industry standards, and provides a full audit trail from collection to destruction.

Reports that document the date, origin, volume, and type of data processed will be supplied, and the method of destruction recorded, allowing you the peace of mind to know that your data records are unrecoverable and inaccessible to any unauthorised persons.

Data Destruction options include:

  • Degaussing – Total removal of data from magnetic storage media
  • Disk crushing – Destruction of data ensuring zero retrieval
  • Data wiping, using CESG-approved software (Blancco).
  • Hard drive shredding – Destruction of hard drives, disks and magnetic media.