Crate Hire

Crate Hire for Business Moves

If you are looking to rent moving boxes, Edes supplies a wide range of clean, secure packing crates for hire in London that are branded with the Ede’s logo so that they are instantly recognisable. Each crate has a unique bar code which is scanned when they are delivered to site. The customer will then sign a receipt of delivery and an automated email will be issued directly to our crate managers, allocating individual crates to a specific project.

On an agreed collection date, the Edes moving crates are scanned back into stock and the customer will be provided with a collection note confirming the number of crates that have been collected. Any moving boxes and crates that are not collected are immediately reported to the customer as outstanding and will be allocated for extended crate hire. If crates cannot be found after the project is completed, then they are written off for a pre-agreed fee. Our crate managers will always be contactable to assist with specific crate enquiries, arrange emergency crate deliveries/collections and provide detailed reports whenever they are requested

We know the challenges of managing and tracking crates for hire across a multi sited estate, our solution to help minimise crate losses will be based around barcoded eco crates. Our barcoded crate solution allows us to track and trace crates across specific projects and departments.

We accurately track crate movements during your business move supported by the recognised global leaders in rental management software and have a proven record in minimising crate losses. All crate movements, all types, quantities, location of deliveries & collections, dates, times, balances on hire and barcoded/signed/scanned POD’s are tracked and managed within a specialist, industry leading, rental management system. All crate data is hosted in a digitally secure and fully supported cloud server environment.

In addition to the above we will also implement the following methods:

  • Every crate delivery order will have an agreed crate collection date, this means that no booking for a crate delivery is made without a booking for a subsequent collection of those crates.
  • For each crate delivery or collection, we require a designated, named contact who will be available on site when delivery and collections happen. To ensure the designated person is available to sign for the crates, we implement a ‘call ahead’ scheme – our driver will call ahead to advise the contact of the expected arrival time.


We will arrange the delivery and distribution of our plastic moving crates across the UK, agree designated holding areas for empty crates and organise the final collection of crates following the move programme. Our crate management system has evolved through continuous customer consultation. To avoid common problems and issues in crate management it will be important to make clear at the outset the roles and responsibilities of all parties.

The inclusion of information notes within the move packs explaining ‘our responsibilities’ and the ‘budget holder’s responsibilities’ is recommended. On the client side, we believe it is important to establish a designated person with responsibility for signing in and signing out deliveries and collections to site, and who recognises the financial implications associated with extended rental charges and losses.