Office relocations can be compicated, and one often overlooked aspect is the need for temporary business storage during the transition process. Whether due to staggered move dates, constructing or redesigning the new office space, or simply the necessity to declutter, having secure and efficient temporary storage solutions can significantly contribute to the success of your relocation project.

With over 150 years of experience in commercial relocation, business storage, and IT services, Ede’s is committed to providing tailored storage solutions to accommodate your specific needs during your office move.

In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the numerous benefits of using temporary storage solutions, including added flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ensuring the security and integrity of your assets throughout the relocation process. We will also discuss considerations for choosing the appropriate storage facility and highlight some of the practical and hassle-free storage solutions offered by Ede’s.

Embark on your office relocation journey armed with the knowledge and insights on temporary storage solutions provided by Ede’s. We aim to streamline your relocation process and alleviate potential stressors associated with managing your belongings. Learn how to maximise efficiency during your move by judiciously employing temporary storage solutions, and let Ede’s cater to your every storage need, guaranteeing a smooth and successful transition to your new office space. 

The Benefits of Temporary Storage Solutions during an Office Relocation

Making use of temporary storage solutions during an office relocation can simplify the moving process and provide a variety of benefits:

1. Flexibility: Temporary storage allows for greater flexibility in your relocation schedule, enabling you to store items in advance, manage phased move-outs or move-ins, and address last-minute changes or delays.

2. Ease of decluttering: Temporary storage provides an opportunity to declutter your existing office space, removing non-essential items and streamlining the process of packing and unpacking.

3. Cost-effectiveness: Utilising temporary storage can help reduce the overall relocation costs, as fewer items need to be transported simultaneously, and you can reduce the amount of new furniture and equipment to be purchased until necessary.

4. Seamless office layout transitions: With items securely in storage, you can facilitate a smoother transition into the new office space by focussing on essential equipment and layout planning first, ensuring employee productivity and ease of access to important resources are prioritised.

Selecting the Right Storage Facility for Your Office Relocation

When choosing a temporary storage facility during an office relocation, consider the following factors:

1. Proximity to the office: Choose a storage facility that is conveniently located to both your existing and new offices, minimising transportation time and costs.

2. Storage unit sizes: Determine the appropriate storage unit sizes required to accommodate your assets, taking into account the variety and volume of items you will store.

3. Security features: Opt for a storage facility with robust security features such as access control systems, CCTV monitoring, individual storage unit alarm systems, and sufficient lighting to protect your belongings and ensure their safety.

4. Climate-controlled storage: For specific items that require a controlled environment – such as sensitive documents, electronic equipment, or valuable artwork – consider a climate-controlled storage facility that maintains constant temperature and humidity levels.

Ede’s: Your Partner for Efficient and Secure Storage Solutions

Partnering with Ede’s for your office relocation grants you access to our comprehensive range of temporary storage solutions:

1. Secure storage units: Our storage facilities offer secure individual storage units designed to accommodate a wide range of office belongings, such as files, office furniture, IT equipment, and other valuable assets.

2. Easy access: Ede’s provides easily accessible storage facilities, allowing you or designated employees to access your stored items promptly and conveniently.

3. Customised storage solutions: We offer tailored temporary storage solutions to meet your specific needs, catering to businesses of all sizes and addressing varying storage requirements and durations.

4. Security assurance: Rest assured that your items will be safe within our storage facilities, featuring high-quality security features to protect your assets throughout the duration of your office relocation.

Practical Tips for Using Temporary Storage during an Office Relocation

Our expert guidance on making the most of temporary storage solutions during your office relocation:

1. Prioritise items: Determine which items will be required immediately at the new office location and which can be moved into storage for later retrieval.

2. Clear labelling: Clearly label each stored item and create an inventory list for easy tracking and retrieval, preventing mix-ups during the later stages of the relocation process.

3. Pack with care: Ensure items are properly packed and wrapped for transportation and storage, protecting them from potential damage or deterioration during the transition period.

4. Organise the storage unit: Arrange items within the storage unit in a systematic and logical manner so essential belongings can be quickly located, accessed, and retrieved when needed.


Temporary storage solutions are an indispensable tool in ensuring a successful and stress-free office relocation process. By partnering with Ede’s, you can gain access to secure, flexible, and tailored storage solutions that suit your specific needs, alleviating many of the challenges associated with moving into a new office space.

Allow our more than 150 years of experience in commercial relocation, storage, and IT services to guide you through the complexities of your office move, providing you with the resources, expertise, and peace of mind necessary for a seamless transition into your new location. Trust in Ede’s to support and safeguard your office belongings, so you can focus on settling into your new office space and embracing the exciting opportunities that await you.

As part of our comprehensive business relocation services, Ede’s offers secure business storage, document storage, archive storage, and warehouse storage . 

We specialise in moving businesses including shops, warehouses, and office moves.

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