Environmental Social & Governance

At Ede’s we are dedicated to conducting our business responsibly, placing the well-being of our planet, customers and employees at the forefront. We have assessed our main impacts across Environmental, Social, and Governance metrics using external frameworks to validate our approach. This evaluation has enabled us to prioritise specific areas, ensuring a strategic focus on sustainability.

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Be a catalyst for enhancing waste management practices in the industry.

Decarbonise our business.

Our Environmental Goals

  • Engage with waste handlers and furniture makers to identify new opportunities
  • Increase reuse and repurposing of materials • Increase sustainability of packaging material
  • Reduce carbon emissions year on year, set a an external target in 2024
  • Renewable electricity procurement
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Keep employees safe and engaged.

Our Social Goals

  • Maintain H&S accreditations, training, risk assessments and toolbox talks
  • Increase access to employee training and career progression
  • Provide additional communications to encourage greater engagement
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Be a strong, resilient business, threading ESG across the organisation.

Our Governance Goals

  • Use external framework to assess, report and validate ESG metrics
  • Strengthen ESG policies to make useful documents with measurable results
  • Externally audit business risk and compliance
  • Promote ESG goals and progress internally and externally

Ede’s 2024 and 2025 ESG Roadmap

Key Environment Initiatives

  • Reusable crates and reduced packaging
  • Business to schools – repurposing unwanted furniture
  • Identifying circular opportunities for customers
  • Optimise transport routes/scheduling
  • Monthly carbon reporting to provide customers carbon footprint per job
  • Driver training and telematics
  • Inventory management – only move what needs to be moved
  • Vehicle decarbonisation – 10 year electric vehicle transition plan

Key Social Initiatives

  • Maintain H&S accreditations (ISO9001, CHAS, FORS, Safe Contractor, UVDB), training, risk assessments, tool box talks
  • Review staff handbook
  • Increase options for training and career progression
  • Communicate more
  • Volunteer day with Trees for Cities

Key Governance Initiatives

  • Update and support new ESG policies
  • Monthly reporting against ESG goals
  • Formalise internal and external audits
  • Update ESG communications
  • Supply chain monitoring

Achievements so far……