Effective Storage Solutions for a Productive Office Space


Office spaces have evolved over the past decades, and businesses today are continually adapting to the dynamic work environment. However, one challenge remains constant – managing office clutter and ensuring the workplace is organised, efficient, and conducive to productivity. At EDE’S (UK) LTD, a professional commercial relocation, storage, and IT services company with over 150 years of experience, we understand the importance of effective storage solutions to not only reduce clutter but also create an organised and well-functioning workspace for your team. In this insightful guide, we’ll explore innovative storage solutions and organisational tips that can transform your office, leading to improved efficiency, increased satisfaction, and ultimately, higher productivity.

Whether you are in the process of moving to a new office or simply looking to optimise your existing workspace, investing in smart storage solutions and implementing organisational strategies are essential. Office clutter has been shown to be a significant contributor to decreased focus and productivity, thus hindering the performance of your team. To avoid these negative implications, businesses need to identify the most common sources of clutter and explore tailored storage options to address these issues.

As we delve into the topic of effective storage solutions, we’ll primarily focus on four areas: personal workstations, shared workspaces, file management, and storage facilities. We will discuss how to declutter these areas, the best practices for organising and maintaining an efficient workspace, as well as identify the latest storage solutions available in the market that cater to different office needs.

Through this comprehensive guide, we aim to provide you with a roadmap to declutter your office environment and maximise your team’s productivity. From the importance of ergonomic furniture to innovative storage products and digital solutions, you will discover a wealth of ideas that can help transform your office into an organised and efficient space. With our extensive experience in commercial relocation and storage solutions, EDE’S (UK) LTD is dedicated to helping businesses create ideal workspaces by providing valuable insights, expert advice, and specialised services that cater to the evolving needs of organisations operating in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Effective Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Office Space and Increase Productivity

Organising Personal Workstations

When it comes to decluttering office spaces, personal workstations are the ideal places to start. An individual’s workspace should be clean and organised to foster productivity, creativity, and focus. To achieve this goal, consider the following tips:

1. Use ergonomic furniture: Invest in office furniture with built-in storage solutions such as desks with drawers, multi-purpose storage pedestals, or mobile units on castors. Ergonomically designed furniture also helps to improve employee posture, contributing to overall well-being and reducing health risks.

2. Go vertical: Maximise desk space by using vertical organisers, such as desktop document trays, monitor risers with additional storage, or overhead shelving.

3. Establish a filing system: Encourage employees to store documents according to priority and frequency of use. For instance, place frequently used documents within arm’s reach, while less frequently used ones can be stored away in a drawer or filing cabinet.

4. Encourage daily decluttering: Establish a regular routine for employees to clean and organise their workstations at the beginning or end of each day, ensuring that desks remain free of unnecessary clutter.

Optimising Shared Workspaces

Shared workspaces and communal areas, like break rooms and conference rooms, are essential for collaboration and team building. However, these areas are susceptible to becoming cluttered and disorganised. To maintain tidiness in shared spaces, implement the following strategies:

1. Provide ample storage options: Include cupboards, cabinets, and shelves in the room for the secure storage of office supplies, equipment, and documents.

2. Create designated zones: Assign specific zones within the shared spaces for different tasks or storage categories. For example, dedicate one section of a break room for storing coffee and tea supplies, while another area can be designated for communal snacks.

3. Encourage a shared responsibility: Foster a culture of shared responsibility for maintaining cleanliness and organisation within the communal spaces. Provide cleaning supplies and set a schedule to ensure the task doesn’t become overwhelming for a single person.

Streamlining File Management

Effective file management significantly contributes to a clutter-free and organised office environment. To streamline this process, adopt the following practices:

1. Opt for digital filing: Transition from paper-based filing systems to digital solutions, such as secure cloud storage or document management software, which offer increased storage capacity, improved accessibility, and enhanced data security.

2. Label and categorise: Clear labelling and categorisation of digital and physical files ensure employees can quickly locate and store documents, minimising wasted time and frustration.

3. Implement a clean desk policy: Encourage employees to keep their desks free from paper clutter by scanning and digitally storing documents instead.

4. Schedule regular audits: Conduct periodic audits of the existing filing system to identify outdated or irrelevant documents that can be archived or disposed of securely.

Utilising Storage Facilities

For businesses with limited office space or specific requirements for storing items, offsite storage facilities can provide an ideal solution. Consider the following factors when utilising storage units:

1. Accessibility: Choose a facility that provides convenient access to your stored items, ensuring they are available when required.

2. Security: Look for storage providers with robust security measures, such as CCTV surveillance, access control systems, and individual unit alarm systems.

3. Climate control: Opt for facilities with climate control to protect sensitive equipment, documents, or products from damage due to fluctuating temperature and humidity levels.

4. Flexible leases: Seek storage solutions with flexible lease terms, allowing you to adjust the storage space according to your business’s changing needs.


Implementing effective storage solutions and organisational practices is vital in achieving a clutter-free and productive office environment. By focusing on personal workstations, shared workspaces, file management, and utilising storage facilities, your business can create an optimal workspace that fosters efficiency, satisfaction, and productivity. With a wealth of experience in commercial relocation and storage services, EDE’S (UK) LTD is dedicated to assisting businesses in creating and maintaining organised, efficient workspaces tailored to their specific requirements.

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