Committed to the Environment

We are committed to seeking continual improvements in the reduction of our C02 emissions and our overall environmental impact. We work in partnership with accredited Waste Management companies who specialise in extracting re-usable material from general waste and share our commitment to being as environmentally focussed and sustainably active whilst providing the most cost-effective service possible.

Extracting secondary raw materials (such as metals, plastic, and wood) from general waste allows secondary products to be put to good use and our zero to land-fill ethos ensures that every item of waste material is either re-used, re-generated or recycled in line with our environmental policy, at treatment facilities designed to handle waste in the safest and most environmentally responsible way.

ISO 14000We are accredited to ISO 14001:2015 which demonstrates our commitment and obligation to environmental management.

We are fully compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and environmentally oriented requirements; thereby minimising adverse negative effects to the environment and we strive to continually improve and enhance our procedures and policies.

Achievements to Date and Technology Used to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Our current vehicle fleet of 21 vehicles is replaced every three years to ensure that we adhere to the latest C02 emission guidelines.

All our vehicles are Euro 6 (ULEZ) compliant, a standard that was introduced in 2015 and reduces the level of harmful pollutants that are released into the environment.

Our fleet managers have undertaken extensive training modules that focus on environmental impact awareness, including:

  • Air quality and fuel efficiency.
  • How vehicle checks and maintenance can help reduce emissions.
  • Fuel-efficient driving techniques.
  • The benefits of journey planning.
  • How to use in-vehicle technology to improve driving performance.
  • Alternative Fuels in commercial vehicle fleets.
  • Bronze / Silver FORS accreditation

Targets in place

We are committed to upgrading our entire fleet of vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EV) over the next 10 years and are targeted to become fleet carbon neutral by 2030.

As such, the first of our new EV fleet is due to be delivered to us in September 2022.

We are currently Bronze FORS accredited and are in the process of achieving Silver FORS.

We procure and use carbon-neutral fuels which allow for carbon capture at the exhaust pipe, resulting in negative carbon dioxide emission and net carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere, thereby constituting an effective form of greenhouse gas remediation.

As a responsible business, we will continue to actively explore all modern technologies in our quest to further reduce our overall energy consumption, waste volumes and environmental impacts.