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As any business owner knows, an office move can be a challenging and complex undertaking, requiring meticulous planning and coordination. One crucial aspect of this process is identifying appropriate storage solutions for your business’s needs, ensuring a seamless transition to your new workspace. Ede’s, a renowned Commercial Relocation, Storage, and IT Services company, prides itself on offering tailored storage solutions for businesses across the UK. Drawing on over 150 years of experience, Ede’s understands the intricacies of commercial storage requirements, delivering practical solutions that streamline your office move and guarantee success.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the importance of selecting the right commercial storage solutions for your office relocation, delving into the various options available and the advantages each offers. By examining factors such as duration and flexibility of storage, security, and customisation, we aim to provide insights that will help you make informed decisions when seeking storage solutions during your office move. With the support of an experienced provider like Ede’s guiding you through the process, you can ensure that your office relocation is organised, efficient, and stress-free.

Ede’s is committed to delivering exceptional service tailored to your business’s unique commercial storage needs. Rely on our expertise and vast experience to help you navigate the complexities of commercial storage, guaranteeing a smooth and successful office relocation experience. Choose Ede’s to manage your commercial storage requirements, and rest easy knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.

Streamlining Your Office Move: Choosing the Right Commercial Storage Solutions

Short-term vs Long-term Storage

When considering commercial storage options, it is helpful to first assess the duration and flexibility needed for storing your items:

1. Short-term storage: Ideal for businesses that require storage during a brief office move, short-term solutions allow for quick and hassle-free retrieval of your belongings once the move is complete.

2. Long-term storage: For ongoing storage needs or more extensive relocation projects, long-term options ensure that items are securely stored for an extended period of time, providing peace of mind and flexibility for future retrieval.

3. Flexible solutions: It’s essential to choose a provider like Ede’s that can cater to your specific storage requirements, offering a range of options that accommodate fluctuating needs in terms of storage duration.

Security Measures for Commercial Storage

Ensuring that your stored belongings are secure and protected is a critical consideration for any business:

1. Surveillance and access control: Choose a commercial storage provider that operates secure facilities with 24-hour surveillance and access control systems, safeguarding your items from potential threats.

2. Fire and water protection: Opt for a storage facility that employs fire detection and suppression measures, as well as water damage protection, to minimise the risk of damage to your items while they are in storage.

3. Insurance and liability: Ensure that your chosen commercial storage provider offers coverage, such as insurance or liability protection, for your stored assets. This will guarantee reassurance should any unforeseen circumstances occur.

Specialised Commercial Storage Services

Understanding the diverse nature of commercial storage needs, Ede’s provides a wide range of tailored solutions for various scenarios:

1. Office furniture and equipment storage: Select a storage provider with expertise in handling and storing office furniture and equipment, to ensure proper handling, packing, and storage techniques are employed.

2. Document and archive storage: Trust a storage provider that specialises in document and archive storage, preserving essential records and files in a safe, organised manner that facilitates easy access and retrieval when necessary.

3. IT equipment storage: Collaborate with a storage provider with dedicated experience in storing sensitive IT equipment, guaranteeing that delicate electronics are stored in a climate-controlled environment with proper security measures in place.

Customisable Storage Solutions

Partnering with a provider like Ede’s allows you to avail of bespoke commercial storage solutions, designed with your unique requirements in mind:

1. Size and space: Opt for a provider that offers a range of storage unit sizes and configurations, ensuring that your available space matches your specific needs.

2. Climate-controlled units: For items sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, select a storage facility with climate-controlled options, safeguarding your belongings against damage caused by environmental factors.

3. Storage management services: Entrust your storage needs to a provider like Ede’s that offers comprehensive storage management services for businesses, coordinating everything from inventory control to seamless retrieval and reinstallation.


Choosing the right commercial storage solution during your office relocation is essential for streamlining the process and achieving a successful, stress-free move. By evaluating factors such as storage duration, security measures, specialised storage options, and customisation, you can make an informed decision that best supports your business’s unique storage requirements.

Partnering with an experienced and versatile provider like Ede’s guarantees access to a range of tailored commercial storage solutions, all designed to simplify your office move and ensure the safekeeping of your assets. Trust Ede’s to manage your commercial storage needs, and experience the ease and confidence that comes from working with industry-leading professionals.

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