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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ede’s are as passionate about our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as our clients, and we recognise our responsibility towards the environment. We are committed to assisting our clients dispose of their ‘pre-loved’ furniture and assets in a way that is sustainable and as green as possible.

To underline our commitment, we are proud partners with Trees for Cities and Business2Schools.

Our sustainable approach to a project includes a structured management of unwanted furniture and assets which is a key part to the delivery of a RELOCATION.

In line with our core RELOCATION services our Ede’s RE process is outlined in this document.

Relocation | Resale | Reuse | Repurpose | Recycle

Relocation | Resale | Reuse | Repurpose | Recycle

Relocation | Resale | Reuse | Repurpose | Recycle

Relocation | Resale | Reuse | Repurpose | Recycle

Relocation | Resale | Reuse | Repurpose | Recycle


At the point of survey, we will carry out a basic audit of the furniture and assets that a client no longer requires. This will include some example photographs, dimensions, description and quantities. From this information we will generate a furniture audit document which we will forward to our strategic partners in the second-hand furniture industry to explore whether there is any resale value. Any resale value will be confirmed and offered as a rebate against the overall cost of the project. Upon award of the project Ede’s will manage the process on behalf of our clients and we will arrange a suitable date / time for our partners to collect the furniture directly from site.


Furniture or assets that do not have a RESALE value or a client would prefer to donate or gift will be offered to schools and / or Charities for REUSE. The updated furniture audit document along with any unwanted IT / AV kit etc. will be forwarded to local Schools and Charities for their consideration. Initial feedback will be provided to our client and will form part of our proposal. Upon award of the project we will finalise the offering with the schools / Charities and manage the process on behalf of our clients.

The Ede's RE Process

Our proposal will include a cost for the uplift and delivery of the agreed furniture and assets directly to the various locations. Dates and times will be pre-agreed for this element and built into the move programme. From our experience schools are keen to receive most types of furniture, IT /AV equipment, electrical items and general items such as stationary, marketing material, umbrellas, clothing etc.


Furniture and assets that are not suitable for RESALE or REUSE will be considered for REPURPOSE. Items will be assessed for suitability for refurbishment or upcycling and again options will be included in our proposal. Ede’s will manage this element of the project and will relocate the furniture and assets to a manufacturing centre where it will be processed so it can be resold.


Furniture and assets that are not suitable for RESALE, REUSE or REPURPOSE will be removed directly from site to our accredited recycling centre. Furniture will be sorted, dismantled, and separated into the various waste streams whereafter it will be recycled where possible and processed for REUSE as raw material.

Redundant IT kit and Electrical items will be taken to specialist recycling centres for processing and secure destruction. This service can also include the certificated removal, wiping and / or destruction of hard-drives providing a full end-of-life service.

We can also RECYCLE toner cartridges and offer a secure confidential document shredding service. Shredded paper is then pulped and recycled.


Ede’s provides each client with a bespoke and tailored solution for their project. We will fully manage and oversee each step of the process to ensure your unwanted furniture and assets are cleared as sustainably and greenly as possible. Ede’s can also assist with the clearance of general rubbish and provide cleaning services to enable our clients to hand back their buildings on time and within budget.



Ede’s are proud to partner Business2Schools (B2S). This partnership allows us to find local schools who are looking to fund or upgrade their systems via donation of furniture and IT equipment. This allows us to provide our clients with a sustainable solution for their unwanted furniture and assets in line with their CSR policies, whilst benefiting the schools who are working on tight budgets to refurbish or upgrade furniture and IT infrastructure allowing them to spend their budgets in other areas. The B2S scheme has been a huge success with schools and students across the country.

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Trees for Cities

Ede’s are proud to partner Trees for Cities who are the only UK Charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities. This partnership provides environmental offsetting through planting trees which is a unique, effective and long-term approach to managing any unavoidable environmental impact of our business activities. Creating woodlands naturally removes greenhouse gases like CO2 from the atmosphere achieving our sustainability objectives and managing our environmental footprint whilst making an investment in the holistic green infrastructure.